New Garage Doors and Garage Door Repair of Troygrove, Il

Doors Unlimited also specializes in servicing and repairing all makes and models of garage doors and garage door openers. Whether your garage door needs replacement panels, springs, cables, or just a quick tuneup, we can handle it. Save yourself some time and stress by calling us for a free estimate on all the services we provide.

Amarr is one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of garage door access systems for residential homes and commercial applications. Since 1951, Amarr has been providing a wide selection of garage doors to meet the individual style and needs of consumers. Built with unique SafeGuard pinch protection design, Amarr steel garage doors offer safety, durability, energy efficiency, low-maintenance, as well as design.

New Garage Doors and Garage Door Repair of Troygrove, Il
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Doors Unlimited repairs and services all types and brands of garage doors and openers. We can fix off track doors, broken springs and garage doors not closing. Our skilled technicians will be able to repair your garage door or opener. Your time is important to us, we are fully equipped to handle any type of garage door repair and complete the job right the first time.

Garage door issues happened at the least convenient time. If you have a garage door emergency, our phones are picked up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A broken garage door can be dangerous and most garage doors are extremely heavy. Call Doors Unlimited and we will have one of our local technicians come out and swiftly resolve your garage door emergency.

Broken Springs

Doors Unlimited Broken Garage Door Extension Spring for Troygrove, Il

Broke Torsion Spring

Doors Unlimited Broken Garage Door Extension Spring for Troygrove, Il

Stretched Extension Spring

There are two types of springs on garage doors:

Extension springs– Stretch above the parallel to the horizontal tracks for garage doors. Springs are also attached to cables that are anchored to the bottom of the bracket of the garage door. Unlike Torsion springs instead of winding these springs. Extension Springs apply resistive force as the springs stretches storing mechanical energy that is used to open the garage door. Torsion springs– work by twisting or torsion and store mechanical energy when twisted. Special instruments are used to wind the coils of the spring which applies torque to the center shaft

If you are noticing your garage door open unevenly or starting to wobble. It’s more likely that your garage door springs are not balanced correctly. This will cause wear and tear on all the moving parts and eventually break a spring or damage your garage door.

The garage door spring allows a heavy garage door to be lifted with ease. Springs work together to balance the weight of the garage door allowing the opener to glide the door open and shut. If you were to lift your garage door it should feel like it only weighs a few pounds and should stay were you release it. If your garage door doesn’t stay or feels like it weighs more than 10lbs that is a sign of your spring about to break or is aging.

Doors Unlimited Residential Doors for Troygrove, Il

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Carriage House Doors

Doors that add curb appeal to your home, these carriage house garage doors are available in a variety of door designs, in wood or steel and at price points for every homeowner.

Enhance curb appeal
Traditional Doors

Amarr traditional garage doors offer a style that will stand the test of time. Available in four striking panel designs, over 20 window options and up to 10 door colors.

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Specialty Doors

Amarr offers unique garage doors to meet your specific needs, such as contemporary, sleek styling for a more modern design.

Doors Unlimited Commercial Doors for Troygrove, Il

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Sectional Steel Doors

Amarr steel and energy efficient insulated steel sectional doors provide strong, durable and low-maintenance doors that are perfect for commercial/industrial warehouses, shippings docks, fire stations, pole barns, and outbuildings.

Enhance curb appeal
Sectional Aluminum Doors

When you need maximum viewing area and a clean, modern look, Amarr's commercial aluminum Model 3550 is a great solution for automotive showrooms, service stations, car washes, fire houses, restaurants and sports complexes.

Enhance curb appeal
Rolling Steel Doors

For commercial and industrial counter, dock and drive-through applications where strength, security and/or fire protection is vital, Amarr Rolling Steel doors are the preferred choice. Amarr rolling steel doors fit applications where minimum backroom is available.

Enhance curb appeal
Rolling Sheet Doors

Amarr Rolling Sheet doors are the top choice for applications where minimum headroom and backroom is available. Available in light- through heavy-duty, Amarr standard and wind load rated rolling sheet doors are great for applications such as mini warehouse storage, medium duty commercial dock and drive-through openings, storage sheds, yard barns and pole barns.

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